Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know you're "thrifty" when....

1. You haven't paid full price for anything in at least 6 months
2. You think the clearance section at Target is mostly too pricey
3. You find yourself debating about buying designer jeans that cost $7.00- you think that's a smidgen steep

On my latest round of thrifting I had many nice finds- 3 store bought scarves, 3 nice tops, 2 shirts for my husband- some new with tags- and 2 awesome pairs of jeans.  The first, Calvin Klein.  Marked 2.98, but were an additional 25% off (my store has discounts on certain tags on certain days) making them only $2.23.
The second, Banana Republic jeans for $6.98- already a good deal, but then add the fact that they were a yellow tag and 75% off, making them $1.74.
I'm also working on a Halloween costume from thrifting only.  I have almost everything I need and am only up to $3.00. More on the Halloween costume later. What are you recent goodwill finds?

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