Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chocolate Sensory Overload

If you "like" chocolate as much as I do, and by like I mean crave, dream about, and eat with every meal, -oh, and not allergic to dairy, than the ferry building in San Francisco can be a great place to go and blow a boat load of money on chocolate bars. There's a place called Recchiuti Confections, and they have some of the most gourmet chocolates I've ever seen. I really wanted the caramel lovers box for $30+ but instead I treated myself to just 1 fleur de sel- a sea salt caramel for $1.25. HEAVEN!
Of course, there was also Scharffen Berger with some mighty tasty options.
And last but not least, I almost, almost came home with this, but my husband didn't think it was too funny.

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Anonymous said...

Right down the street from the Ferry Building is a chocolate manufacturer called TCHO. All of their chocolates are gluten free and the tours are free with a reservation. They use different beans from different parts of the world, which lends different flavors to the chocolates. Great stuff!