Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peanut Butter & Co.

 I grew up on Skippy peanut butter and never realized the world of nut butters that was out there until I was exposed to it a few years ago. I've made my own peanut butter and it truly does not taste anything like the stuff that comes out of the jar.  The real thing, without corn syrup, without all that extra junk that gets added in, is seriously one of the best things I've ever tasted. Without making it from scratch, the Peanut Butter & Co. is hands down, the next best thing!

All Natural Peanut Butter & Co. are based out of New York and actually have a sandwich shop of cool different PB&J varieties, but they also sell several varieties of peanut butter, jams, and nuts.  The peanut butters are all gluten free and come in some awesome flavors, including cinnamon raisin, dark chocolate dream, and my favorite, white chocolate wonderful. White Chocolate Wonderful is smooth, it's sweet, plus it's actually dairy free, and makes incredible fudge!


Anonymous said...

Have you actually made fudge out of it? I would like to try it if you have!
I think I might make xmas fudge this year and this stuff might be a great addition. Plus maybe adding some other toppings like extra nuts or even marshmellows.

Debbie said...

Yes I did use it to make fudge last winter.