Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brewing at Home

Just as an FYI for all of you who like to drink beer, who are gluten free, but don't know much about brewing this new, exclusive gluten free beer kit does not include the basic brewing equipment you'll need to actually make the beer. Bard's beer teamed up with Midwest brewing supply to offer the gluten free population a chance to brew Bard's beer at home. I am not an expert in brewing, but when I see something called a beer brewing kit, I think I'm buying a box that has all the supplies I need to make beer- NO, that is not the case.  Now maybe it's simply my lack of knowledge in this area of expertise, but don't you think they should say you will need basic brewing equipment on the webpage for this product? If I bought just the kit when I got it in the mail I sure would be disappointed. Thus, it's cool the product is now available, but sad it's not an all-in-one kit. 

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