Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm not an extreme couponer; I have nothing on some of those crazy coupon clippers, but I did finally succeed in a great savings on one $43 item. A $10 off coupon from the company website, a $5 in store coupon, and a $20 mail in rebate, brought a $43.99 item down to $8.99 in the end. I can't fathom spending hours upon hours clipping coupons, or buying 40+ hand soaps just because you got them all for $.25 cents a piece.  I am however someone who likes to save money when I can.

As someone with food allergies it's a little bit more tricky to use a lot of coupons, or find coupons for products you can actually use, but they are out there.  Company websites often offer coupons for signing up for their newsletter, or will send you some if you write them and tell them how much you love their product.  Their are also websites like mambosprouts.com and coupons.com that offer some more specialty items. What's your best savings thanks to coupons/rebates?

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