Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This past weekend I finally got to visit a place I had been wanting to go....Homeroom- a Mac and Cheese hotspot in Oakland, which...obviously had gluten free pasta, and 90% of their menu can be made gluten free!  It's a very small, bustling space, with library cards, and chalkboards on the walls.

I, of course, totally dug this: A is for Apple. B is for Beer, C is Cheese! The menus are printed on brown paper, although it would have been ever cooler if they worked in the green lined paper somewhere; the one we all learned how to write the alphabet on.

Now for the food....

Mike and I weren't overwhelming hungry, so we ordered one dish to share.  We went with the white cheddar, with pesto, and broccoli.  The orginally dish started out at $7.50, but with the up charge for adding veggies, and gluten free, plus house made rootbeer, it cost us $16! Holy cow...that was the most expensive bowl of pasta I think I've ever paid for.

They use brown rice pasta, and they did cook the pasta correctly- it wasn't hard in the center, or super mushy, which are both the faults of many restaurants servings gluten free pasta, but the cheese-factor was lacking. The cheese sauce was good, but it wasn't cheesy enough. Considering they "do" mac & cheese, we were expecting ooohy, stringy cheese goodness.  They could have added extra shreds of cheese on top, broil it to get it crispy, but no. My husband said I made better mac & cheese at home. Overall I'm sorry to say they disappointed and I'm not likely to go back, although if I did I would try the Gilroy mac, with Gouda and garlic.

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Mike said...

Great review--my sentiments exactly. Looking forward to the next time you make mac n cheese at home... :)