Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Polka Dotted Tree

For the first time in months Mike and I were finally able to go out and take a somewhat significant walk and enjoy the day.  We headed out to the UCD Arboretum. Gardens, nature, and a picnic made for a much needed day of relaxation together, plus it's free, parking and all!
As you can see the weather was perfect.
 Random flower I liked. 
The tree below we thought was perfect for us- blue and white polka dot- I mean really?  We laid out our blanket for a picnic and soon discovered the tree must have been painted for it's resident- the blue scrub jay. A few circled and almost tried to steal some food from us. Since we brought along some nuts for snacking, we figured we'd share and Mike got the scrub jay to eat out of his hand. Video to follow soon.
And on the way back to the car we realized we had only walked about half this place, so we will certainly be making a tip back to explore some more.

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