Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Progresso Chowder Update

I think it was around last fall that I noticed some of the Progresso products were labeled gluten free. During my recovery soup and I came to an understanding- I had to eat something generally substantial, easy, and quick, and the soup agreed to somewhat appease my tastebuds, as they don't like soup. I saw this flavor that I had never seen before at Target and had to try it, well.... because it had cheese it appealed to me. It was actually quite good and I was able to make it through my entire bowl.  That's something I can't say about the the Progresso clam chowder.  I crave clam chowder, I eat like half and then I'm done; the taste starts to put me off.  Anyway...this potato, broccoli, cheese chowder was tasty but haven't seen it since I bought it the first time.

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