Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shrimp + Cream Cheese

I've been keeping my cooking very simple and easy, as I've had limited energy, so sorry for the lack of fun and inspiring recipes.  I have however become very good with thinking on the fly and using what's in the fridge. Recently Kraft came out with a new line of cream cheese called "cooking creme" which is thinner cream cheese with herbs, but why buy that when you can make the same product with regular cream cheese in your fridge and herbs in the cupboard. I've been using this cooking trick for years.  Regular cooked rice, any veggies you've got on hand, and sauteed shrimp is a typical combine, but add in cream cheese, a little milk, and some herbs of choice, and you get a whole new dish; a very tasty dish.

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Olinda Paul said...

I love using creme cheese (alternative). I just made very thin almost crepe type King Arthur pancakes with strawberries and cream cheese with a little sugar. YUMMO!