Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simply Shari's Pasta Dish Meal

Simply Shari's offers both sweet and savory.  Their cookies are pretty tasty. I enjoyed their lemon shortbread cookies and my husband actually loves their fudge brownie cookies. I am not sure however they should have broken out and ventured into the pasta meal family.  After being pleased with their cookies my  expectations of the pasta were quite unrealistic.

  They have both a marinara kit and a mac and cheese.  They use a quinoa pasta, which I have had a few varieties of previously and enjoyed.  In fact some people feel that quinoa pasta resembles al dente pasta the best.  And yet the quinoa pasta in this kit was wimpy- feel a part fast, and texturally almost slimy. The sauce packet is a powder you mix with water and it was more of a pizza sauce then a pasta sauce.  I really could tell the sauce was made from a powder even when everything was mixed together; it kind of had that stall, grainy taste to it. I haven't had the mac and cheese yet, but I'm not excited about trying it like I was before.

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