Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gluten Free Broth Travel Packets

Over the winter season I received samples of Savory Choice liquid broth concentrate: Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, and Turkey, (not photographed). As someone who does not like soup, generally doesn't make soup, or consume liquid soup/stew meals, it took me some time to getting around to using them. It was mainly my husband who consumed them, just mixed with water, and nothing more. He really enjoyed the chicken and beef, although he thought they were similar to a low sodium formula, and needed a little extra salt.

As for functionality of the product, to have a small transportable gluten free product is a great option for people with food allergies, especially for those who travel. A box of 4 pouches is less than 3 oz of liquid so it meets airport regulation. Having it as a liquid concentrate instead of a bouillon cube it mixes up with more ease, and yet it is still in a small compact package. The product is sold in both a box of 4 (which translates into 1 quart of broth)  and a box of 12, and at a max of $6, it seems like a good use of cash.

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