Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burgers and Brew

I've been passing by Burgers and Brew on somewhat of a regular basis for the last few months, and really wanted to try them out after I snagged a take out menu, and this past weekend I finally had an occasion to go.  The Sacramento location (1 of 3: also one in Chico and Davis) is located within a revitalized strip of R Street downtown, an if you were up for it, all within the same one block strip, you could have a burger and beer, frozen yogurt for dessert, an after dinner drink at 2 different chili spots, and live music (on the weekends) to end the evening. 

Burgers and Brew doesn't advertise being gluten free friendly,..
and yet we lucked out and got a waitress who thought she might have an intolerance to gluten. The menu's simple- burgers, and all combinations there of. They don't currently have a gluten free bread or bun, but you can order any burger and assemble it on your own bun. That's what I did, but of course you can eat it without a bun which is a great option too, especially for the portabello mushroom burger- yum! (haven't had one here but love them in general).

The fries and onion rings each have their own dedicated fryer so the fries are safe. The garlic fries are super tasty, and the grilled chicken sandwich was delicious, bun or no bun! The chicken sandwich was actually two thin breasts, and it had salt, pepper, rosemary, and a few other herbs on it. They did go overboard on the amount of lettuce they gave me, but that's ok, you don't have to use it all. They also have Woodchuck cider by the bottle or by the pitcher, so there's a cider option, but as of yet no gluten free beer option. 

This place is always hopping; the tables are small, the atmosphere is loud, but it's like a pub with burgers. For $10 I had an awesome meal experience. 

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Anonymous said...

I deeply resent something being called "gluten free" simply because you can OMIT parts of the meal. Anyplace meets THAT test. I suppose it's important to know that the fries etc. are not "seasoned" which often means breaded or battered, but other than that, this is not "gluten free" - it's just the same as at Denny's or any other place. Leave off the bread, watch the salad dressing, and ho-hum another dull meal.

Anonymous said...

^^^Except Burger and Brews' burgers are a hundred times better. You should stop being pessimistic and enjoy life. I highly reccomend B&B.

Karen Kenney said...

I am familiar with the Davis location. Loved it! Two yrs ago found out I can no longer have Gluten or Dairy. I agree we need to stay positive. However,the restaurants also need to do their due diligence in becoming knowledgeable on the subject of GF. False advertisement? I question the use of their vats/fryers cause the same was said at another place....until it gets busy then we use all vats for onion rings!! Don't go there any more. How can a restaurant guarantee a GF clean vat/fryer?? Eat at your own risk. I'm just happy to be well and feeling good again!!!! <3