Friday, February 4, 2011

This Day in My History

Today is a very special day for me. 9 years ago I ate a giant bowl of pasta in a very fancy restaurant, wearing baggy jeans and a red shirt with motorcycle on it, of all things. Across from me was a guy who didn't know the place was as fancy as it was, concerned about the cost of the bill. But we ate, and talked, and closed the place down without knowing hours had passed. In one more year I will have dedicated a decade of my life to one person and I'm not even thirty yet. Crazy how time flies.

The funny thing is this picture is from the day before we got married. We were talking about something silly, dancing by the ocean, and forget we were being photographed. Of course, he was also trying to grab me inappropriately which makes me giggle. He's always made me giggle. Even still, after 9 years.


Mom said...

Thus began the story of Mike and Debbie

Jamie and Preston said...

I love you guys! I still remember coming to visit you at the dorms with Mike and Jay! Good times! So glad we've stayed in touch after all these years! Love to you both!