Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sac Zoo for FREE

Who wouldn't go to their local zoo if it were free? Well for free museum day here in Sacramento, Mike and I went to the Zoo. There are 26 museums in town, but with this being an annual event, we figured we can go to some other places next year. I've only been to the Sac Zoo once, so it was nice to go back.

The free shuttle system they offer is really nice. There's a hub downtown with tourist buses that will drop you off at most of the museums. We walked a mile or so this morning and picked up the bus to the zoo, and at 10am the line at the zoo was already wrapped around the park, but it moved pretty fast.

The weather was perfect today, so we decided to walk home through a nice neighborhood, and 2.5 miles later we were back home. It was a nice mellow adjustment from the crazy stroller land of the zoo. The best overheard quote of the day, parent to about an 8 year old child- "I told you: No texting! It's family day."

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