Monday, February 14, 2011

Sulpice Chocolate

I LOVE chocolate. What girl doesn't?. Recently I tried a new brand: Sulpice. It's not sold many places near me, but you can purchase it off their website. Let's start with cost shall we...well at $7.50 a bar (3.25 OZ) it's not the most expensive chocolate bar I've come across, but it's certainly not something I'd buy on a regular basis. And it's not exactly allergen-friendly. It's gluten free, but it does contain dairy, and can contain soy, and nuts, plus food coloring.

I am personally not one to care that much about food coloring, but it does bother some. This chocolate is very decorative and makes a statement, which is where the food coloring comes in. It looks like it was painted; they call it marbling. It is a very beautiful chocolate, very smooth, and the flavors they come in are certainly for your more sophisticated pallets. They offer such bars as Pistache (cardamon, orange essence, and toasted pistachios), Gingermbre (crystallized ginger, lemon essence, toasted and salted macadamia nuts), and my personal favorite, Chai (cardmom, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper, milk chocolate). I love the Chai bar, and sad that it's all gone, but maybe someday I'll get a giant basket of chocolate bars, and not on Valentine's Day, but just because.

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