Friday, December 3, 2010

Tofu Stir Fry

I'm not a vegetarian, although I did go through a phase in high school, but every now and then I like to experiment with vegetarian options. I love portabella burgers, and tofu noodles are pretty good, but I've never really made a successful meal from a firm block of tofu.

I pan fried it in cubes with olive oil and sea salt until each cube was crisp and golden; about twenty five minutes. Meanwhile I also cooked up some quinoa spaghetti. Once both pans were done, I set the tofu aside and crisped up some veggies in additional olive oil. We picked red bell pepper, bean sprouts, and pea pods, but anything in season will do.

Then I added in some seasoning: salt, pepper, and garlic, some Worcestershire sauce, and sweet n sour sauce or hot sauce, your choice. I used a homemade sweet 'n spicy sauce. Blended all together, you'll get one tasty vegetarian stir fry dish, at least in my opinion, that my picky carnivorous husband really enjoyed.

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