Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cheeseburger Revamped

I ate a few salads this week so I don't feel completely horrible about the dining adventure I took over the weekend. A little while back my husband and I were watching a show all about popular cheese meals at restaurants across the country. I forget which city featured the "stuffed cheeseburger" but it inspired me. I love cheese, and Mike loves grilling, so burgers were added to the weekly meal planner.

We started by mixing the seasoning into the meat, and then forming 4 thin burger patties. You're basically going to make a meat sandwich, using the patties as bread. We added both sliced and shredded cheese, pretty much all types of cheese we had in the fridge, and then flipped one meat patty on top and pressed the edges together like you might do to the edge of a pie crust.

I thought the burger might shrink just a little with cooking, but it was still jumbo. Surprisingly my gluten free bun held up under the pressure of this giant burger. I have never, never, had a gluten free bun hold together for an entire eating of a burger, until now. And considering the size, I was super surprised. What brand burger bun did I use, you ask? Canyon Bakehouse.

And a few bites in, my burger farted cheese, lol. Oh so bad, but oh so good. Will I do this again, most definitely, but next time we'll make more of a slider, than a burger, and we'll have to experiment with other types of cheese.

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