Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Restaurant Epic Fail

When I was in Las Vegas I dined at the Rainforest Cafe and had a fabulous meal, but now I know that kind of excellent service is not chain wide. I attempted to dine at their location in Ontario, CA and in the end we got up and left. Both our server and the manager must have been used car salesmen in a past job, or in a past life. First they couldn't find the gluten free menu, and when I did finally have it, he tried to rush our ordering, and even suggested I order items that weren't on the gluten free menu. When we said we had a few questions and could you find out dot dot dot, he literally said "I don't have time for that," and we kindly encouraged him to find out, so he went in the back, and about 3 minutes later he came back and said "No on all 3." No they're gluten free? No they aren't gluten free? No, I have no clue? We had no idea, it was just no. I doubt he asked anything.

Errr.. I was pissed. With that we told him we needed a little more time, and when he left, we got up, and sought out the manager. The manager wasn't much better. He tried to persuade us to stay by offering a free appetizer and then a free dessert, but he was almost begging us to stay. When I brought up how a gluten allergy can be as severe as a shellfish or a peanut allergy, then he pretty much shut up. It was like an oh shit moment, and that was that. With one more plead to stay, we left. Sad, but true.

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