Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vegas: The RainForest Cafe at MGM

Years ago my husband I went to a Rainforest Cafe in Florida (Disney World), this was before I was gluten free, and we had such a good time there, so when I saw that there was one inside the MGM Grand in Vegas I immediately attempted to contact them. I sent a message via their online feedback form inquiring about gluten free information specific to Las Vegas; I even included my travel dates. Then low & behold I got a call from the executive chef of the Las Vegas location three days before I flew out. I was impressed; my message had actually been routed through the appropriate channels. Thus the Rainforest Cafe became a "must-eat" stop for us.

When I saw the menu I was pleased with my choices, and on the back their were instructions for both the customer and the servers (order without ______, sub for ____, etc.) They had a lot of great options, and I went with a salad, by choice, since we went there for lunch. And man oh man, it was a delicious and gigantic salad! For more details about this tropical dining experience check out our video review on GFree TV:

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oli said...

I sent this to Andre so that Anthony could have a place to eat gluten free and not have to worry.