Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Detour to Ontario....

Ontario, California that is; Ontario Canada would have been much more relaxing. Did I have fun on my trip-yes, but it was first and foremost a "business trip." You know it's hard work tasting gluten free food all afternoon and discussing shelf lives, and price points- no, really, it is. I got to see all the new up and coming gluten free companies, companies who have been around for awhile and have new treats coming soon, and those little touches certain companies offer to make their foods stand out. Without giving too much away I will say that I am happy to see the gluten free market expanding and very excited about some treats I hope to be eating on a regular basis in the future.

Work from now until the new year will be keeping me busy; yesterday I spent the entire day managing store displays and placing new products, I didn't get to read and response to a single email, mainly because I couldn't make it to my work computer since we have so much inventory at the moment. Today, well I hope to create our seasonal end-cap and fill it up with the first of many seasonal items. First up is Halloween, and that screams candy, cupcakes, and more!

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