Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ranch Dressing

There are a few kitchen items that I can't live without, and ranch dressing is one of them. Gluten free and ranch dressing is a combination for many years that seemed limited and disappointing. However, I am happy to find more ranch options that are 1: gluten free, 2: contain dairy, and 3: tasty. It seems ranch dressing that is dairy free is a high demand item, so most options out there are dairy free, and they're ok, but as someone who consumes dairy, my taste buds find dairy free options to be lacking something for me.

I recently received a sample of dressing from Wine Country Kitchens- Parmesan Ranch. This is a nice product with a twist. It's kind of a like a bottle of traditional ranch and a bottle of Caesar got poured into one bottle and then some grated Parmesan cheese got mixed in. It's the taste of a Caesar salad and the creaminess of ranch all in one. Sound good? I sure think so.

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