Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Namaste Foods

This past weekend I was asked to demo Namaste Food mixes and I decided to make their vanilla cake and pasta salad using their pasta pisaveria mixes. I had only ever used their frosting mix, so this was a new one for me, and I was happy with the overall results.

The cake mix makes a 9 x 13, or 2 9" rounds. It was super easy to make, and had a nice flavor. It did seem a little dark in color to me, more golden brown, than the white/yellow color we're used to from a vanilla cake mix. The cake was very moist from the added water, but I'm sure you could use an alternative milk instead of water to get an even more moist and soft cake.

The pasta mix really impressed me. Just the pasta and the seasoning packet come in the pasta pisaveria mix, but add in some vegetables, a little apple cider vinegar, and some olive oil, and you have yourself a delicious pasta salad. I normally like a slightly heavier dressing on my pasta salad, but this was really tasty, and quick and easy to make.

Overall everyone enjoyed my tasty treats, and almost everyone could, because the mixes were gluten/wheat, dairy, caisen, corn, soy, potato and nut tree.

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oli said...

That sounds impressive. I will look for them in the future.