Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Memorial Weekend

I didn't really have an definite plans for the holiday weekend, and it all worked out really well. I did a little demo at the store, we had a community garage sale, spent some time at the pool, barbecued, went on an emergency chocolate fun, hung out with friends and my sweet, sweet husband. Here are some highlights.

My friend Laura and I both share a deep, deep passion for ranch dressing!
And I too got to eat a burger on a bun: Bavaria Mills brand, and yum! Plus, I don't have a photo of it, but I had ice cream in a cone- gluten free, dairy free, that is.
My friends are like a spokes-couple for Jager, and even have a Jager beach ball. Now only if the bottle inside the ball was filled, lol. There were a few drinks involved, and had some point Mike decided to be a football star.
Us girls tried to kick some butt playing cards with the boys, but were only slightly successful. That's ok though, we had a good time.

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