Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Melting Pot

A national chain, The Melting Pot, has recently announced their new gluten free menu, which has developed with guidance from Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). This place definitely offers more of a dining experience than just a meal, and it can add up quickly, but is a great place for special group celebrations/ occasions. I think the idea of of a hot pot of cheese or chocolate in the center of the table to dip anything and everything into is an awesome idea. However, a couple years ago when I first heard of the Melting Pot, and wanted to go I was sad when, of course, I was told all their fondues are thicken with flour. Their new gluten free menu specifies how to order, such as substitute cornstarch or gluten free beer, instead of the gluten-containing counterparts.

Everyone gets the fruits and vegetables, but the one thing as a gluten free diner is you don't get as many fun choices as others do: no breads, no chips, no pound cake. I contacted my local Sacramento location to suggest they add in gluten free pretzels for cheese fondue, and gluten free graham crackers for the chocolate fondue. I mean those seem like items that everyone should get to have. For now if you want them, you'll have to bring them with you, but hopefully as their gluten free menu matures the options will expand.

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It's a good thing restaurants now offer gluten free menu. It'll be easier for our family to dine out now for a fondue dinner. Usually, I just make it myself. Well, aside from the fact that I really enjoy preparing fondue, I also have to be careful about the fondue recipe, my husband has a problem with gluten so I have to make sure everything will be alright for him. It's also nice to eat out once in a while, so it's really good news to hear about this.