Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glutino English Muffins

I used to love popping an english muffin into the toaster, adding some butter, and a slice of cheese, and calling it breakfast. Then I went through a sprint where I didn't eat breakfast, and then when I went gluten free and with a consistent schedule again I started eating leftovers, or granola-like bars for breakfast.

I had seen the Kinnikinnick english muffins in the freezer at multiple places, but they just didn't appeal to me. In fact they almost look identical to their hamburger buns. Anyhow, then one day the Glutino english muffins appeared and they reminded me more of the english muffin I remembered, only they were in the freezer. So I dropped $7 for 6 english muffins, and brought them home with me.

They have a strong corn meal presence, but for me that reminds me strongly off the english muffins I used to eat. They toast up nicely, and even make great mini pizzas. They're not as airy and light on the inside as one would like, but they are super close. These will probably not become a staple in my house, since the price is rather steep, but I am so glad I tried them, liked them, and know that I now have that option.

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