Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get your Corn Nuts Here

Before today I'm not sure if I've actually ever had corn nuts. INKA Roasted Corn, is supposed to be better than any old corn nut. These are giant pieces of roasted corn, and then coated in a flavor powder, 5 flavor options in total, and I couldn't resist trying the ranch ones, especially for under $1 a package.

Each piece of corn is super crunchy, and has this great strong ranch flavor. The ranch taste only lasts for a moment, similar to eating flavored sunflower seeds, and once the ranch taste is gone, it tastes like eating salted corn tortilla chips. I don't think I could eat the whole 1.7 OZ grab-and-go package in one sitting, just because they are so crunchy, and really give your jaw and molars a workout, but I can certainly see these added into the mix next time my husband and I go for a road trip or a hike.

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