Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peanut Butter Ginger Chews

Ginger can help with stiffness, and can act as an appetite suppressant, and recently I discovered it is great mixed with peanut butter! Reed's makes several products whose base is ginger- ginger soda, ginger ice cream and ginger candies. I previously tried their regular ginger chews, and they were good, but the ginger flavor can become overly strong. Then about a week ago my co-worker popped open a box of the peanut butter ginger candies and shared them with me. These candies are yummy.

Individually wrapped, you'll find them coated with a little dusting of tapioca starch on the outside, and don't plan on having a conversation when snacking on these, as they can be really thick, from the peanut butter, but give them a minute in your mouth. These delicious nuggets get soft and creamy, with only a mild to medium hint of ginger on the back end. The whole box, 9 pieces, is 225 calories, so comparable to eating a candy bar, but if you can restrain yourself and only eat one here and there, at 25 calories a piece, they're a nice small treat.

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