Thursday, March 25, 2010

LoneStar Steakhouse

I have been content dining at the Outback, but it's nice to know there are other steakhouses out there with gluten free menus. Reading the LoneStar Steakhouse menu made my mouth water, especially the mesquite grilled chicken and the bacon wrapped sirlon, although it does make me both curious and sad as to what brand sour cream they're using, as it's not gluten free. I mean a loaded baked potato isn't loaded in my book without sour cream.

The LoneStar Steakhouse has locations across the country. There are none currently in northern California, but several in southern California.

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GF Steph said...

I've been to LoneStar a time or two, but before they had a gluten free menu. I'll have to go again and check it out!

Isn't it so weird when they say the sour cream isn't gluten free?? WTF, what is IN it? That's just creepy to me. Lol. Sour cream is like a food group in itself for me so I would be very disappointed if I couldn't have it on a baked potato.