Friday, January 15, 2010

Gluten Free Pancakes at the Original Pancake House

Being gluten free I have not been out for breakfast in at least 6 years. It is nice, though, to have the option, and now I do. The Original Pancake House in Roseville, CA (and I am assuming all the other locations as well) offer gluten free pancakes using Bob's Red Mill Pancake Mix. The company started in Portland, where they hooked up with Bob, and from there they sprawled across the United States.

Every staff member I spoke with knew about the small gluten free menu, and they were nice about asking additional questions to make my dining experience comfortable. All the syrup-like items are made on site, and are gluten free, and they can make any of their specialty pancakes, such as blueberry, Hawaiian, etc. can be made gluten free. I didn't inquire about the omelets, which were not listed on the gluten free menu, but they were huge and looked delicious. This place prides themselves on the highest ingredients, so I'm going to guess they don't use fillers in their omelets, (where the wheat could sneak in) but it's possible. As for the cost, I was pleasantly surprised; it was less than $1 to upgrade from regular to gluten free. So my half stack of 3 gluten free pancakes (they also do whole stacks which includes 6 pancakes) cost me about $7. I thought that was quite reasonable.

Now, all the pancakes are made on the same griddle, so there certainly is a chance for contamination, however the staff was well aware of that and said they did everything they could to make everybody's visit satisfying. I was told they intensely scrub down the griddle between every set of pancakes, and wait a few minutes to let any residual burn off. With all that said, I am moderately sensitive, and had a very enjoyable experience. I would give this place a try, but don't get any coffee. It's overpriced.

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Kendra said...

Awesome. I used to love going there (other locations) for the baked apple pancake. Good to know they have some gf options!

Ms. Munchie said...

not sure you got my email re Sac food bloggers. contact me at we've started a group for occasional get togethers and potlucks

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks! We were just looking for a GF breakfast place that would be on our way to Grass Valley! We'll try it!

Corinne said...

I would avoid the omeletes here, as the restaurant in my town mixes buttermilk pancake batter into the egg mixture to make their omelettes fluffy. Good for some, but very dangerous to those of us with celiac! I would ask MANY questions before ordering eggs here, as it took a 10 minute inquisition to find out this fact, after a very bad experience. Good to know that they have started having gluten-free pancakes, as the buckwheat pancakes were not.