Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Ideas for those who are Gluten Free

Our local gluten free store in Sacramento has come up with a cool concept for the holiday season: GF Food Grab Bags! As a part time craft vendor I am always amazed at how fast grab bags go. I've sold them for $1- $10, and they always go fast. It must be something about the thrill & surprise of the unknown.

So let's say you just found out a friend, or family member just discovered he/she is allergic to gluten, dairy, or nuts. You want to help easy their transition, but need product recommendations. Why not buy them a GF Food Grab Bag! Gluten Free Specialty is offering several Holiday Grab Bags, which will include foods that fit your specified needs, and are staff recommended. All the work and worry is taken off your shoulders. Check out their holiday specials section to find the right grab bag for you!

And if grab bags don't interest you, how about buying your cookbooks and allergy-friendly guides from a small, local California business, instead of those large bookstore chains. I recently found out that Gluten Free Specialty is offering 20% off all preorders on books, or free shipping to your home. Your choice. In my opinion one can never have too many cookbooks :-) Some titles I recommend include:

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oli said...

Grab bags are a great idea and why not ship some delicious cinnamon rolls to your favorite Gluten Free person before Christmas! What a treat for Christmas morning!