Monday, December 7, 2009

Gluten Free Mama's Scone Mix

The scone, a breakfast or dessert item, sweet or savory. Usually a scone is made with, surprise!, wheat and barley, and sometimes oatmeal, but lucky there are gluten free scone mixes. To my knowledge, I have never had a scone, until now, so I can not compare these gluten free scones to your typical scone, but I can tell you what I thought of the Gluten Free Mama Scone Mix. My husband and I previously reviewed her sugar cookie mix, and she a was kind enough to send us a few other mixes, and I'm finally getting around to trying them out.

She has so many different scone recipes listed online, but I ended up making apple crumble scones. Her recipes call for cream, but I just used almond milk, and it worked out fine. In the instructions for the scones it sounded like I was only supposed to end up with eight big circles, but that didn't seem right to me, so I made them the same size I would with biscuits. The dough mixed up real well, but I found the sprinkling of the "crumble" to just be an unnecessary, messy step that can be skipped.

In the end, they tasted great, very moist, and light, although because of the fruit, (and really this goes for any baked good with fruit in it) they only lasted about 3 days, and I had to throw some away because I just could not eat them that fast. Would I buy this mix, which comes in a 2lb bag, and makes 3 batches of scones for around $9- if I loved scones, absolutely.

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oli said...

I can't wait to try this one!