Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On the Hunt

I was in Micheal's the other day and saw for $40 I could have a small 4 1/2 foot tree, that would be with us for more than 1 year, and yet something about a real tree is more fun. One year we cut down a big tree, but the last two years we've been so busy we end up at a tree stand that pops up the night after Thanksgiving.
We really liked this one, but we were hoping to do better on the price, and so we left without it, so for now we are still tree-less, but in the next few days we'll find the right one for us. Know of a great tree farm in Sacramento? Let us know. We're hoping to find a 4 ft tree for $15-$20. The one in the pick was $25 plus tax, so we figured we still had time, and passed, but it was fun smelling the trees.

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