Monday, November 16, 2009

Mikuni's Offical has a Gluten Free Menu

I have been dining at Mikuni's Sushi for a couple years now, carefully ordering off the regular menu. However, now, after consistent requests, Mikuni's has come out with an official gluten free menu!!!!

I have developed a love for a few things on the regular menu that are not listed on the new gluten free menu, so in addition, let me give you a few tips. You should know that you can order any roll with steamed rice, and no sauce to make it gluten free. You can substitute intimation crab with real crab for a charge, and you should omit the masago, as it may contain a very small amount of soy sauce. And of course, nothing deep fried.

So with that said, go, enjoy! They have been voted the best Sushi in Sacramento for several years in a row. And, as the Celiac Sprue Association Ch 24 publicity chair, I am working on organizing a dining out meeting at Mikuni's for early next year. More details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Is the steamed rice different than the sushi rice?