Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I had a Coconut Bliss Party

I won a Coconut Bliss Party! That means I was sent 8 coupons that each would get me a free pint of ice cream. I sent 3 to my mother and brother-in-law, so they could enjoy some ice cream with my husband and I via Skype, as they live in southern California. The week we had our party I had had some serious dental work done, so ice cream was the perfect food for me. I made my way to Whole Foods and was happy to see they had almost every flavor of Coconut Bliss. The poor girl at the register got flustered with the extra steps she had to take to make sure I got my pints for free, and the people in line behind me weren't very happy, but hey, I got ice cream for free!

The 4 of us had a great night! I pretty much had to fight my husband for the Cherry Amaretto. Check out the portion of our evening that we recorded on GFree TV, Episode 22.


Kiley said...

Congrats again on winning, it looks like the Cherry was the clear winner that night!
Much love from the Coconut Bliss office,

Ice Cream Forum said...

Ah, ice cream... the perfect soothing food after dental work. Coconut Bliss is medicinal :)