Monday, October 26, 2009

Scoma's in San Francisco

I'm going to be in San Francisco for Thanksgiving weekend, so I was looking for a few places to dine at while I was there. I am a huge seafood lover, and it being the bay and all, I had to find a good seafood place to try out. Now seafood places can be hard for those who are gluten free, because lots of items get breaded, and 99% of the time that breading isn't gluten free, so it very much limits you to very basic, plain menu items. In any case, during my search I contacted Scoma's, a very popular, and well thought of local joint in San Francisco. I would like to share their email response with you, as from all my internet research I did not find anywhere that someone had already mentioned that Scoma's does have gluten free options.

"We do offer many gluten-free dishes on our menu. All of our broiled seafood and steak dishes in addition to many of our salads (and our Lobster Bisque) are gluten-free. Plus some of our other dishes can be slightly altered to accommodate your needs and we do have fresh berries and other desserts items that will work for you as well."

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