Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day at Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Saturday Mike and I spent the day at Turtle Bay in Redding, CA. We both needed a day away from technology, so we turned off our phones and discounted ourselves from twitter. We drove up after work on Friday night and had a nice casual day, and the weather was perfect for it: sunny with a slight breeze. We saw some animals, including a gigantic porcupine, (he was in a cage),took a look through the museum where we explored the world of legos, and walked across the Sundial Bridge.

In addition to the lego exhibit, we went to see the amazing work of Patrick Dougherty, a stick artist. It took him three weeks, along with the assistance of staff at Turtle Bay, to put together The Lookout Tree. All this thing is is tree branches, seriously; quite impressive. It is build around three trees on property for support, and their broken twigs and branches. I had to see this in person because I love modern art and installation art. One side of it seriously looked like an ancient warrior, with a mouth, eyes, and a hat. I wonder if the artist did that on purpose. After leaving the park, and having some lunch, we drove around town a bit and came across this sign. It reads, "Ladies, we repair what your husband fixed." That gave us both a big chunkle.

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