Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mariposa Baking Company in Berkeley, CA

While out and about on a day full of fun with a close friend, we popped into Mariposa Baking Company in Berkley, CA. At first it seems like you're at the back of this brick warehouse, but you're not. A couple of doors in, you'll see a small tasteful sign and a screen door. Inside, you'll stumble upon a small store front of gluten free baked goodies. I was hoping to pick up some bagels while I was there, which I did, (haven't tried yet), but we were munchy, so we each grabbed a slice of gluten free pizza. Yes, gluten free pizza served by the slice!!! (Years ago I remember going to Sbarro in the mail, and buying a giant slice of cheese pizza. Man we need a gluten- free-pizza-by-the-slice joint in Sacramento. Investors, chefs, please, make this happen!)

The crust was great; by look and taste you could see that it had a lot of herbs in. It was a little limp with the toppings, but I didn't have to break out the fork and knife to eat it. I was actually sad that I couldn't take home some of the crust with me, as it is only sold frozen, and we weren't going to be home for hours. In any case I am glad that I have finally gotten the chance to check out Mariposa Bakery.

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Lori Hanson said...

We are from El Dorado Hills and my husband googled ""Gluten Free Bakery" and MARIPOSA came up. Wow!!! I haven't had a bagel in 5 years. It was moist and delicious. The chocolate chip, pumpkin and spice muffin melted in my mouth. I still smile thinking about it. Thanks for the wonderful treat!!!!