Saturday, October 24, 2009

Legos: The Art of Brick

This weekend I got to see the Art of Brick exhibit which is currently at the Turtle Bay Museum in Redding, CA. A while back I stumbled upon a lego store in a mall in San Mateo, and now I see there is one in Sacramento. They have a wall of bins full of special shapes and colors in case you just want one specific piece. I thought this was an awesome concept. Of course I bought a teal one just as a trinket, but now I need to go back for another little project I have in mind. Somebody decided to put their geek hat on and make gummi candies shaped like legos and they provide the how to. This is a must when I find some extra time. For now I got my lego need satisfied by checking out some of the awesome work done by Nathan Sawaya.
The first thing walking in. Totally cool.

The human heart; seemed very realistic up close, with opening for all the ventricles.

I can't recall what this one was called, but I really liked it. Some days I really feel like I'm be pulled in several different directions; this sums that feeling up.

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