Friday, October 23, 2009

Gluten Free Cooking Classes in San Francisco

The San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) is going to be offering two gluten-free baking classes in early 2010. Do take note that SFBI is not a gluten free environment, but the skills you learn are meant to be applied in a gluten free environment, so if you are highly sensitive this is probably not the place for you. While the cost is kind of high for the average person, at least in my opinion, it's good to know such things are out there. I do encourage however people to spread the word, especially to your favorite restaurants, chefs and bakers. Let's get some more local awareness out there! The two classes they're offering are as follows:

Gluten-free Baking: Bread and Pastry at Home
January 16-17, Saturday – Sunday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, $398
This workshop is perfect for home bakers who want to bake tasty, satisfying gluten-free breads and pastries at home. Learn a variety of recipes and techniques to incorporate into your daily life…or just to make as special treats for the family. People with gluten intolerance can have spectacular breads and pastries again!

Gluten-free Baking: Bread and Pastry Foundation
February 1-5, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, $998
This five-day course delves into the how’s and why’s of gluten-free baking, teaching students how to begin controlling the process instead of just following recipes. In this course, we pay particular attention to ingredients and techniques that produce delicious flavors with enjoyable textures. While the main focus is gluten-free baking, this course also shows how to bake for other specific dietary needs, including vegan, diabetic, and low-sugar. Products covered include a wide range of artisan and sourdough breads (more than ten breads, from simple baguettes to sourdoughs made with ancient grains), bread-sticks, crackers, English muffins, pizza dough, a variety of cookies and pastry bars, scones, waffles, pies, cakes, pôts de crème, and granita. This course is invaluable for anyone who wants to develop a well-rounded gluten-free repertoire.

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