Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GlutenFreeda's Burritos

I do my best to cook and eat from scratch as often as possible, but everyone needs convenience foods, such as the GlutenFreeda's burritos. I bought the vegetarian and dairy free burrito to start and finally got a chance to have it for lunch today. With only 177 calories this burrito certainly seems more healthy than most frozen burritos. From my recollection most frozen burritos usually have more around 300 calories and certainly contain more sodium than the 11% in this burrito.

Interestingly, you're supposed to microwave the burrito right in the plastic wrapper, (at 50% power) and as I gingerly slide it out of the package and on to the plate the tortilla did tear a little. As a vegetarian burrito I felt like there should have been more tofu in it, however the tofu was in fact one of the last ingredients, making this burrito mainly beans and rice. I really wish there had been more tofu, but oh well. Overall it's not my favorite, as it was kind of on the bland side for me, but I would eat it again if I were in a pinch. And I do want to try some of the other flavor options, especially the chicken and cheese!


MLeighK said...

Can I ask where you got these?

Debbie said...

I bought the burrito at Gluten Free Specialty: 2612 J St, Sacramento.