Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fresh Choice Labels Gluten Free

I have not been to a buffet in years, moreover I have not been to Fresh Choice in years upon years! Recently it seems they have undergone a change, as now all buffet items are tagged with a new category system: Fat Free, Low Fat, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Carb, Low Sodium, and the one that is super important for me, Gluten Free.

A buffet seems like the riskiest place for someone on a gluten free diet, because someone might use the same spoon to grab both a gluten free and non gluten free item off the buffet. That is why I say it's a personal decision for all to decide whether or not you want to try our Fresh Choice. However, I will say that you can encounter the same exact problem at any restaurant that is not self service.

In any case, I found myself at Fresh Choice recently, and since I eat a lot of salad in general, it seems like the perfect place for me. I don't however eat a lot, to the point of stuffing myself, and in that case, a buffet, especially for lunch seems kind of a waste, since lunch is around $8.00 (dinner is $9.99). So I loaded up on salad, although they do have some soups, proteins, and some sides that are also gluten free. I did not encounter any negative, possibly-glutened effects after the fact, which is always a good thing, so my suggestion is that if you are going to try Fresh Choice out, try to go between meals, like mid-afternoon, at least the first time.

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