Monday, October 12, 2009

Gluten Free Grains

Some people feel lost and confused about which grains to eat when they switch to a gluten free diet, but there are a lot of grains that are safe to eat. In fact, if it weren't for being on a gluten free diet, I'm not sure if I would eat some of the great products I do. Quinoa, Teff, and Millet are a few grains that are gluten free, that only now do I enjoy eating.

We used to eat a lot of baked potatoes in the house, but I switched us to rice because potatoes are rather high in carbohydrates and can be high on the glycemic index. However, rice can get boring, and when most gluten free foods are made with rice flour, I don't really want to have rice for dinner, so I've introduced quinoa into the mix. My husband says it reminds him of couscous, (which I've never had, and never will since it's not gluten free). He was so excited when he first tasted it, and said we should stop eating rice and only eat quinoa from now on. Then he semi-retraced his statement and asked how expensive it was, to which I replied slightly more or slightly less depending on the type of rice. Just like rice you can boil it in water, broth, or a stock, and this time around I used vegetable broth, which made it so I did not need to use any butter or salt. Light and fluffy in taste, quinoa is a great addition to any household, gluten free or not.

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