Friday, October 23, 2009

Erewhon Cereals

Recently I was sent some cereal from Erewhon, a brand owned by U.S. Mills, to try out some of their gluten free cereal options. (Please note not all of their products are gluten free). I'm not a huge breakfast person so I have not tried too many gluten free cereal options thus far, as I mainly stick with Honey Nut Chex, since they went gluten free. I do however now have a new favorite to add to the mix.

Strawberry Crisp: We both love it. Stays crunchy in the milk; didn't really get soggy at all. This cereal reminded me of Special K with berries. Excellent.

Cocoa Crispy: For me, it tasted close to chocolate rice krispies, but my husband thought the consistency made it taste stale and that it was more of a fake chocolate and not a real, super chocolaty flavor.

Rice Twice: Nice combination of plain and sweet rice. I used this cereal to make rice krispy treats, and they turned out fairly well. I think this is my second favorite.

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