Monday, January 9, 2012

Mac & Cheese to Go

Do I like convenience? Yes
Do I like Mac & Chesse? Yes
Was I excited about instant gluten free mac & cheese? YES
Is this product from Pastariso any good? Debatable.

The new instant gluten free mac and cheese from Pastariso is a great idea, but in practicability I'm not sure it's worth it. It runs about $2.50 a container, and after you heat it up and let the pasta absorb the water you add, you end up with less than half filled container. It's just filler, empty calories; it's not a full meal. For kids and busy parents I can see it as a plausible item in the cupboard, but then I feel kids should be eating something more healthy after school. As a adult I could get more bang for my buck and spend maybe 1 or 2 dollars more and make an entire bag of pasta into mac and cheese and have multiple servings left in the fridge for later.  Overall, I give this product a "muh."

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