Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jamba Juice Update

I was a Jamba Juice addict for a while- I used to rotate between mango a-go-go and strawberry surf rider. Then I went gluten free and I got concerned about their boosts; some were gluten free and some weren't.  I was concerned about the blender cups not being cleaned well enough between uses and the possibility of cross contamination. Around the same time I became a proud owner of a commercial grade blender and started making smoothies at home.  I was on a smoothie kick for months and then I started switching things up because fruits and all the add-ins can be high in sugars.

Last week I was just thinking I had not had a smoothie in a while and then came across some new information about Jamba Juice.  It seems both their menu and their boosts have gone through some changes since I last visited them, and now all their boosts are gluten free.  Plus I hear some locations have some gluten free snacks too. This is great for people always on the go and in need of a quick fix.

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