Monday, November 21, 2011

Pacific Foods Condensed Soups

During this time of year condensed soup is pretty much on everyone's shopping list for their go to casserole dishes. Canned gluten free soups however are not the same as condensed soup from Campbell's; the trick is mixing the soup with sour cream, well at least until I met this one. Pacific Foods recently introduced 3 Cream Soups: Celery, Mushroom, and Chicken. I like their packaging, as they are easier to ship and travel with then a can, plus their consistency is right on.  I mixed together a cream of mushroom and a cream of chicken for a large casserole I was making with mushrooms, broccoli, and chicken.  It turned out perfect.  The box says you can mix with equal parts water or milk, but if you want a strong flavor for a casserole, I say use it straight.

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Olinda Paul said...

I will be looking for these in the store.