Monday, August 22, 2011

Jelly Bean Rum

When we were all in college I'm sure we all experienced a party were they passed out jelly shots, or we attempted to make them ourselves. The novelty of a jelly shot has been taken to a much higher level these days. If you walk down the liquor aisle theirhas been agreat expansion in flavors of vodka- not just fruits, but flavors like whipped creme,  root beer, and Pinnacle even makes a "gummy" flavor.

Drinking is an experiment of mixing whatever is on hand, and now includes candy.  You name it, gummi bears, skittles, starbursts, etc.  You can find a how to tutorial on youtube for any of these fun creations.  One guy even made his one custom skittle vodka bottle labels. Now that's commitment.

After a friend sent me a recipe for vodka gummi bears, I decided I would have to try something out. I didn't have gummi bears so I used what I had on hand to see what would happen.  A canning jar of rum and jelly beans has been sitting in my fridge: changing color, beans dissolving for the past week. I completed my experiment recently, cracked the jar open to have a taste. The result, a very sweet, tasty beverage with a punch.

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