Friday, August 19, 2011

FDA Ruling

A letter from the Celiac Disease Foundation

"Dear CDF Friend,

As you may already know, the Food and Drug Administration recently published its gluten-free labeling proposal, opening a consumer comments period through October 3, 2011.

Many individuals want to comment on the proposal but may not be sure of what to write or how to frame their comments or perhaps find it complicated to navigate through the process.  In an effort to help those who have requested some guidance, the American Celiac Disease Alliance(ACDA) in collaboration with many within the Celiac community, including Celiac Disease Foundation, has developed very useful resources for your information as follows:  1) a list of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs); b) a letter focusing on several key points for which FDA is seeking comments; c) expert analysis of the safety assessment accompanying the FDA proposal by Dr. Stefano Guandalini, Medical Director of the Celiac Disease Center at the University of Chicago as well as a member of both CDF's Medical Advisory Board and ACDA. 

You are invited to sign on to the letter.  All responses and "signatory" names will be sent by ACDA to the FDA by the deadline of October 3rd.   Below are the links for the ACDA materials (posted on its "sister" site  Please go to the links and take action about the vital issue of the gluten-free labeling ruling.

FAQ / Resources
Expert's Analysis

Thank you for being Champions of our collective mission by making your voice heard.


Marc Riches, President                         
CDF Board of Director      

Rita Hopkins, Executive Director             

p.s.  Remember to sign onto the letter and submit it prior to the October 3rd FDA deadline"

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