Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ice Pop Joy

I'm never been a fan of straight popsicles; even when I'm sick and it would sooth my throat, I have to be really sick to go for a popsicle.  Then I received Ice Pop Joy in the mail unexpectedly and thought maybe making my own popsicles would make a difference.  This fun cookbook has a huge variety of recipes to choose from- straight fruit, yogurt pops, and even ones that incorporate vegetables, which is great for tricking kids into eating them.

I made a simple strawberry popsicle with strawberries, some honey, a little lemon, and mint. Of course you'll need something to mold your pops. I happened to pick up a 4pk at the store on clearance, but the recipe actually made way more than I was expecting, and used some fun-shaped silicone ice cube molds for the overflow.  The strawberry pops were decent, but I definitely think that I'll try a yogurt pop next, because I tend to gravitate towards those when I'm seeking a frozen fruit treat on a stick.

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