Friday, July 8, 2011

Shrimp Tacos

During the summer the heat makes me tired, lethargic, and decreases my appetite, but I still have to eat something. I've been pulling things out of my hat that don't necessarily require the oven or much effort. This week we tried out shrimp tacos courtesy of Believe it or not this was the first shrimp taco I had ever had and the first taco without cheese I've ever had...and I loved it!

I used already cooked frozen salad shrimp and just heated them a little with some oil and salt and pepper on the stove top. The recipe also calls for cabbage, which I refuse to eat; lettuce worked just fine as a replacement, and I actually sauteed some red onion in with the lettuce. A little added avocado and away we went. The sauce made up of lime, fresh cilantro, Greek yogurt, and cayenne, and it was the perfect combo of refreshing and spice.  If you wanted to get adventurous and use more veggies, you could add in some diced cucumber- I bet that would be good too.

*Just make sure your corn tortillas are gluten free.

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